Luahan Hari Ini
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Its 04.44 am in the morning on 7 oct 2011.. sighhh, i cant even think straight right now... SUMPAH RINDU GILE kt my closeeesst friends too, alangkah indahnye kalo dpt pth blik ke mse dlu...gosh, i really really really mishh all my buddies..  Even though i got friends now but it’s not the same as the three of them.. its not the same as the four of us hanging out together and when we pleas each other when we in such a mess..just don’t know why but currently i felt like iwant to goooooo to their campus just to say that im missing them too damn much..
à    Aku rindu ble FIZA pggl aku mok ( which stands for GEMOK ).. hahaha.. its funny and i didn’t felt miserable when she called me that.. i often called her BONCIT + BIG ASS...haha...its the most memorable time when we had together.. she like to membebel when im not studying at all..haha.. she is the one that i stick to since i get into KPTM until im out until i get back in KPTM...hee...she such an adorable friend... she also not  picky at all with me and other friends....
à    Next pula, aku miss kt mommy MIRA y suke pggl aku ANAK SULUNG dy...haha.. she just like MAK-MAK u know.. she is a bit ‘KAYU’ (when she sleep ) but she is the kind good hearted though. Hahha... kinda miss her when she MEMBEBEL + marah = MERAJUK .. but i like her way and style ( especially when she cakap lepas ) towards all of us.. heee.. mmg agak skit kt hati tp itu y INGAT SAMPAI MATI tu.. but by then she is the one that had the toughest heart of all the time..
à    Lastly and the most friend yang aku rindu is AIN.. she is the one that LEMBUT je orgnye...+ she is there whenever i need her.. even kdg im a bit nyushkn her but she always there when i needed her the most..+  she is the GREATEST COOKING PARTNER that i ever had... + dy msk sgt sedap.. arrhhh.. i miss her COOKING sooo then how should i see her ..?? she just senyap mcm tu je.. i miss when i gediks-gediks with her..heehee...

In conclusion, i miss all of the girl lahhhh senang ckp... i miss diorg sebab diorg lah kwn y pling memahami , menghormati , menyayangi  and segala mcm meng la y ad kn... Thus friends, this writing are especially for u all girls... NORHAFIZA,AMIRA SHAKEELA and NURUL AIN...

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