Luahan Hari Ini
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soul of love

hye guys.. sori for a long time unupdated post..the truth is, im just happy with my life now..for the 1st time ive got my highest cgpa for my last exam.. wow! just cant imagine how that's all ive been gone through..ok, on last january 2012, ive got a kitten named Cipentot..haha.. what a weird name though..he's such a cutie n a noty little kitten.. many my mom house accecories damaged because of him..he just adorable..he know that he had to pee poo in the toilet..all that i just teach him once..he also dont drink water from the bucket but he is using the baby milk bottle until now.. what such a cute little one he is..

here he is..from the first day i found him until now.. i love u my adorable baby kitty <3

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